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Expiration date: 02.03.2021
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License Key Expiration
FRAJ-WRB5-PR96-6KAT-4UA5 12.06.2020
HEUK-X22V-VAB5-BSW4-PXN3 18.09.2019
5S33-XVGD-K95F-JD5T-MXBU 18.09.2019
License Key Expiration
B9XA-X8CD-A2KV-3VFX-HUF5 02.03.2021
UWSV-XRGB-33HV-HPNE-92G2 18.09.2019
DFWP-XUGS-3EXD-9GU3-EDGE 18.09.2019
HPVS-X2G2-6AVA-N9TJ-JKNS 31.08.2019
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Mobile antivirus ESET NOD32

Now it is difficult to find a person without a mobile device, his protection is no less important. To this end, ESET did not miss the opportunity to once again announce itself and released the ESET NOD32 Mobile Security application. It is important that its work is possible on platforms: Windows Mobile, Symbian and even Android, for the latter a whole range of tasks is realized. Protection is offered on-time networking, it is provided with the following tools:

- Antivirus - Real-Time Scanning - Security Report
- Scheduled Scanning - Activity Log - Tablet Support
- Proactive Anti-Theft - Anti-Phishing - Low Battery Alert
- Remote Lock - Remote Siren - SMS
- Automatic update of virus database - App Lock  

Anti-theft feature allows you to delete important files during the theft and loss of a mobile phone remote, lock the device, track the location, and even take accurate pictures of the attacker. During online purchases, the application will allow you to protect your bank account billing information.

Anti-encryption blocks malicious scam sites. The application instantly suspends the transition to a malicious site, the purpose of which is to acquire personal data of the user.

If you want to keep from unwanted calls and SMS distribution, then the filtering function is created for you. You can easily set the lock even for a day. Peace and quiet will be provided.

ESET NOD32 Mobile Security has a number of features that make the application the best of its kind. First of all, his work uses heuristic methods for analyzing threats to threats, instant work, virus databases have a small amount of updates, which allows installing the application even on a phone with a minimum memory capacity, a convenient and practical interface will surprise you with its simple and logical approach, technical support is ready to solve important You questions are made free of charge, and the ability to install for all family members will help to be aware of all the events associated with mobile devices.

Keys for mobile version are short-lived, the publication period is only 30 days, but there is a possibility of extension, which is good news. ESET made demands on the prohibition to publish keys for more than 90 days.

Download ESET NOD32 Mobile Security

ESET NOD32 Mobile Security для Android

ESET NOD32 Mobile Security для Android

Android 4.0+
File version:
File size: 14.93 Mb
Language: Multi-language
File type: apk

Popular activation errors

Invalid data entered. Enter the data again. (21002)

  1. Verify that the data entered is correct. The license must not contain spaces and other characters except dashes.
  2. If you have already installed an antivirus when buying a mobile phone or tablet, remove it and install it from the Google Play app store.

Activation Instructions

1. Open the application and click on the menu icon in the upper left corner.

2. Tap License.

3. Tap Enter a License Key.

4. Copy and paste the 20-digit license key and click on the Activate button.

5. Activation process completed successfully. Now the only thing that remains is to click the Finish button.

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