How to disable the ESET LiveGrid® system?

For the keys to work longer, less blocked by the antivirus, you need to disable the ESET LiveGrid® service. The more people disable this module, the greater the likelihood that the key will live the entire term. Additionally, you can get rid of many errors that occur in the process of using antivirus.

Important! It is necessary to disable the ESET LiveGrid® service before activating the NOD32 antivirus.

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1. Open the NOD32 antivirus and press the F5 key to open the Advanced settings.

Version 11-12.x:

Go to the Cloud-based protection section and remove the checkmarks from: Enable ESET LiveGrid® reputation system (recommended) and Enable ESET LiveGrid® feedback system.

Version 9-10.x:

Go to the Tools section and uncheck Enable ESET LiveGrid® reputation system (recommended).

Version 4-8.x:

Go to the Tools → ESET LiveGrid section and uncheck Enable ESET LiveGrid® reputation system (recommended).

2. Next, we need to disable the display of the ESET LiveGrid® notifications themselves. To do this, go to the User Interface section and in the Application Statuses item, click Edit.

3. In the window that appears, remove the checkmarks from: ESET LiveGrid® is not accessible and ESET LiveGrid® is disabled. Then in all windows you need to click the OK button to apply the settings.

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